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12-Piece Woolly Bugger Kit

12-Piece Woolly Bugger Kit

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Have you ever sat in the perfect spot, in the perfect river, throwing fly after fly for hours on end without so much as a tug on your line?

After staring at your fly box filled to the brim with flies the fish want nothing to do with (that probably cost more than your waders)...

You wonder what went wrong.

Hey, I’ve been there before and it’s not fun.

But do you want to know what pulled me out of my funk faster than a monster brown trout running into the backing on a fly line?

The Woolly Bugger.

There’s a reason it’s so well-loved in the world of fly fishing.

The truth is, it just works (and it’s a blast to fish with).
That's why I'm so stoked to show your our Woolly Bugger Kit!

Inside, you're going to get 6 size 8 Black Woolly Buggers and 6 size 8 Olive Woolly Buggers inside a lightweight packable fly cup!


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