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When I got my first cheap fly rod and flies in a combo at the sporting goods store, I was lost.

Sure, I’d watched Brad Pitt throw those mile-long casts in “A River Runs Through It”... 

But as soon as I dipped my toes in the river I was out of my element.

Every other cast ended up with a bird's nest in my line and I’m guessing I scared every fish out of my fishing hole.

Then, when I wasn’t untangling my line I was switching out flies because the cheap ones in my starter kit were unraveling like a C- student on finals day.

It was then that I truly understood the importance of quality flies.


No worries, I told myself.

“I’ll just run down to the fly shop and get some good ones!”

Oh boy…

If you’ve ever bought flies at a boutique fly shop, I’m guessing you know what my bill looked like when it came out of the register.

Man, I never knew these things were so expensive.

But at least I was able to start finally catching stuff.

The info the guy working at the shop gave me was invaluable.

He helped me catch my first trout!

Even though I think that most of the flies you find at shops across the country are overpriced, I understand why.

It’s expensive to run a store like that and even I still frequent my local shop to support them.

But I knew there had to be a better way to get quality fishing flies without spending three figures and driving over two hours there and back to the shop to get them.

That’s when I started asking around to where the great fly tiers were.

I lucked out and discovered a group of old school tiers that could help me put together my favorite designs and fill me in on the secrets to using them.

To my surprise, I was able to get them made for a considerable discount when I cut out the middleman and discovered I could pass those savings on to others.

That’s when I knew I wanted to start Brookbow and provide the best quality flies possible and send them right to your door.

Our flies are hand-tied by pros that have tied thousands of flies in their lives.

We use premium steel hooks that are guaranteed to stay sharp and catch fish and high-quality materials that hold strong (even if a monster trout takes it for a ride).

We use our “pro quality” inspection on every fly that we send out and we offer a guarantee that each one will catch fish.

So, if you’re on the hunt for quality flies that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and can be sent right to your door…

Look no further.

John Vishnesky, Founder


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